21st March, 2019
About Us

Musicunplugged.in is a privately owned music news portal owned by Marvek International, handled by a correspondent in Mumbai, India.

The portal provides latest news, views and reviews on a range of topics on Indian / International music and Indian cinema. It not only guides you through the rapidly growing music world with latest news on technology, but also brings you up close with exclusive interviews with music artists from India and International artists visiting India.

The portal offers a host of sections. News and Trade News are the main sections of the portal. There is a special Feature section for Indian or International music stories. There is also an Events monthly calendar to keep you abreast on the latest music events being held across India. The Photo Section has exclusive photos of Indian and International artists who have performed or visited India from Music Festivals to Live performances.

CD, DVD and Blu Ray Reviews give you the latest on the audio - visual in the music industry, while those who still love the sound of the Long Playing record, a special Vinyl Review section has reviews of LP records, a first in India.

Musicunplugged.in sole purpose is to inform and impart knowledge to the music connoisseur who is hungry for what is happening in the music world.

Launched on 13th Ocober 2013, www.musicunplugged.in serves as a meeting platform for music lovers and targets music and fun loving people. It is a platform that gives music lovers a chance to keep a tab on the music scene in India and around the world.

So go ahead and Explore your Music. Cheers.

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