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02nd February, 2017
Music with Oscars over the years

The Oscar’s statuette has always been that of the Best Picture of the year taking the glory away. But the day of the Oscar’s always ends on a musical note with the Best Original Score singing the Glory of the Academy Awards away.

From 1929 to 2017, not only has the Academy Awards evolved as an entity but also the kind of format, the movies, the Performances and the Music. With almost a cut throat competition amongst the best scores this year with the finest of music – The Academy awards music game too is getting tougher and tougher every year.

The 89th Academy Award are just around the corner so let’s take a moment to pay our ode to some of the evergreen Oscar Nominated and Winning music over the past 89 years that we can hum along even today.

1) “The Way You Look Tonight” of the Movie ‘Swing Time’, 1936.

Music by Jerome Kern. Lyrics by Dorothy Fields. Written by Dorothy Fields and Music by Jerome Kern, the song turned into a standard having us swooning at the very first stanza of it. Originally performed by Frank Astaire broke the records in its time bagging the Best Original Score Academy Award in 1936.

2) “When You Wish upon a Star” of the movie ‘Pinocchio’, 1940

Music by Leigh Harline. Lyrics by Ned Washington. The cute little melody is marked in all our childhood memories. Standing as a true epitome of innocence and one of the first Disney song to win an Oscar, the song becomes an evergreen score with Disney since then using it as the opening of almost all its movies. 

3) “Moon River,” Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 1961.

Music by Henry Mancini. Lyrics by Johnny Mercer.

4) “Take My Breath Away,” Top Gun, 1986.

Music by Giorgio Moroder. Lyrics by Thom Whitlock. The Frothy eighties pop soundtrack from Top Gun, “Take my Breathe Away” has practically ruled the prom night scene even today. Performed by the band Berlin the song peaked the Billboard Hot 100 and also several other global charts.

5)  “My Heart Will Go On,” Titanic, 1997.

Music by James Horner. Lyrics by Will Jennings. Tears roll down our eyes every time we listen to the chorus of this beautiful love anthem. Didn’t we all sob the first time we saw Jack die on that ice float over the serene tunes as the flutes kicked in. Celine’s charming voice in this song remains a heartfelt victory in the hearts of every music lover even today.

 6) “Skyfall,” Skyfall, 2012.

Music and lyrics by Adele and Paul Epworth. Written by Paul Epworth, Adele’s number from the James Bond movie Skyfall carried us away with its glorifying tunes. Adele takes our heart away with her mind blowing high notes making this a song worth winning at almost every platform.

The Academy Awards of 2017 holds a list of outstanding original scores that we cannot help but listen to everyday. Live the Oscars magic with the musical tunes of these outstanding scores and let yourself sink into the a ride of magical musicals.

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