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13th September, 2017
The Chainsmokers - a Profile

Names of bands these days (and even in the past), seem to get us wondering whether the members can’t really think of something suitable. Some are downright ridiculous, some outrageous. Without taking names we would like to introduce you to the band name you are already familiar with The Chainsmokers, and by that we really don’t know whether or not they are chainsmokers in the literal sense. As a popular duo they are playing all over the place and have such a huge fan following that everyone knows their lyrics and some may also know that they just dropped yet another super-catchy new single called Paris, which I am sure you might have already heard by now. The new song is not part of the electronic production duo's new EP, but its music from the full-length debut studio album titled ‘Memories… Do Not Open’ which the duo released recently. 

"We were staying in Paris / To get away from your parents" are the opening lyrics and from there the song just takes over your mind. The lyrics are catchy, the melody hard hitting, like all their previous hits is to die for, and The Chainsmokers that consist of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall have once again brought a track that is super cool

The Chainsmokersis made up of a duo. We have producer, songwriter and sometime vocalist Andrew James Taggart who was born on the last day of 1989 in Portland, Freeport, Maine. He is of Scottish descent. His mother is a teacher and his father sold prosthetics. He studied at Syracuse Universityand was turned onto to the EDM sound at the age of 15 while he was in Argentina where he was introduced to the music of David Guetta and Daft Punk.

Founding member of the band and the A & R muscle behind it all, Alexander ‘Alex’ Pall was born on 16th May1985 and is of French descent and grew up in Westchester county, New York. Pall studied art at New York University.His mother is a housewife and his father is an art dealer.

But there is another story before the two actually formed The Chainsmokers. Before meeting Taggart, Pall had formed the Chainsmokers with another DJ, journalist Rhett Bixler, in 2012. They would DJ five-hour sets in New York city, five nights a week, for $200. When Bixler quit, Pall, who was growing disenchanted with his other job working in an art gallery, decided to devote his full attention to the Chainsmokers. He bought up the rights to the band’s name, but knew he needed someone else to help him out as he had no intention of going solo. Then came Andrew and years later from totally nowhere the duo has become one of the highest searched band on the planet.

Before all the music, the parties, and the mixing, and of course the fame, they were total strangers to each other. It is reported that they were just introduced to each other by a friend of a friend. Who would’ve thought that these two would be selling thousands of copies after just sharing the same passion for music? Andrew was mostly into pop tracks and Alex was the one DJing in New York. After two months of mashing mixes, they found themselves doing more legit tracks together than ever before.

Taggart has described the duo's music as "blurring the lines between indie, pop music, dance music, and hip-hop." The pair have cited Pharrell Williams and Deadmau5 as musical influences.

In 2012, theduo started making music together as a DJ duo.They continued with the name The Chainsmokersjust out of choice. They say their name didn't actually have any historical background or any sentimental meaning for them. Their name “Chainsmokers” was used just because it sounded clever for them and the domains were open.

The duo signed under the management company of Adam Alpert in New York City. They grew a loyal fan base putting out remixes of indie bands. The same year they collaborated with Indian actress and recording artist Priyanka Chopra on the single Erase, which was followed by The Rookie in early 2013. They released the dance hit #Selfie for free in December of 2013 which got picked up by Dim Mak Records who rereleased it in January of 2014. Weeks later, the duo signed a major label deal with Republic Records. That did the trick for the band and they went viral. Not only that, the budding DJ duo decided to appear on American Idol for a guest appearance with just this single and the response they got catapulted them to stardom. They were loved by judges Ryan Seacrest and Jennifer Lopez.

The duo achieved a breakthrough with their hit #Selfiewhich was a top twenty single in several countries. The video for #Selfie featured cameos by Snoop Dogg and David Hasselhoff, fueling the song's viral popularity to hundreds of millions of views. On 5thAugust, 2014, The Chainsmokers released Kanye featuring sirenXX, the follow up to #Selfie.

Their debut EP, ‘Bouquet’ on Disruptor Records, a softer and more indie-flavored effort and was released in October 2015 and featured the singleRoses which reached the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was certified double-platinum and hit number one on the Top Dance Songs chart. The song also earned the Chainsmokers nominations for the Billboard Music Awards in the Top Dance/Electronic Artist and Top Dance/Electronic Song categories. After playing over 300 shows in 2015, including dates at festivals like Lollapalooza, Firefly, Tomorrowland, and Ultra, the duo returned in 2016 with the platinum-certified Don’t Let Me Downa collaboration with Pittsburgh pop singer Daya that topped the Billboard dance chart andbecame their first top 5 single and won the Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording at the 59th Grammy Awards. Another track Closera followup top the Grammy hit, featuring vocals from Halsey, became their first number-one single on the chart and remained in the top spot for ten weeks, breaking the record previously held by Drake’s One Dance.

The duo's second EP ‘Collage’ was released in November 2016, consisting of several previously released singles.

The New Year 2017 brought a new assignment for the duo, when on 3rdJanuary, 2017, they announced an exclusive three-year residency deal with Wynn Nightlife wherein they will only perform in Wynn-owned nightclubs in XS Las Vegas and a few other places.

The latest on the duo is that their collaborative single with Brit act Coldplay on Something Just Like This, is getting heavy rotation on the music radio stations and all over. Infact Chris Martin of Coldplay performed the song with The Chainsmokers on stage at the recently concluded The Brit Awards 2017 at The Oz Arena in London.

If you missed them when they were one of the headlining acts at Vh1 Supersonic in Goa in 2014, the American duo performed on 7th September 2017 at the Mahalaxmi Race Course in Mumbai and later a show in Delhi.

In India, The Chainsmokers are handled by Sony Music India.

By Verus Ferreira

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