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16th December, 2015
“We are like family, we meet, we fight but it’s like brotherly fights” - Swtichfoot

Mumbai witnessed a scintillating evening experiencing the magic of American alternative rock band Switchfoot when the band visited India sometime back. The band’s maiden tour in India proved to be a grand success as they performed in front of a fan-filled audience at Hard Rock Café. Switchfoot’s Mumbai fans were in for a treat with the band performing the best hits of their eighteen successful years.

As part of Vh1 Rock Rules Switchfoot tour, the band consisting of brothers Jon Foreman, Tim Foreman, Chad Butler, Jerome Fontamillas, and Drew Shirley, played a good amount of rock to a thirsty audience.

We managed to meet up with the band for a quick chat. Excerpts.

This is the first time you’re visiting India, what have you heard about the country?

Actually I haven’t heard anything much, though John has been here and he says it’s an amazing country. The people here are very friendly. And I heard that you can haggle prices at the market so that’s what I’m excited to do.

What is the bond that has kept the band together for so long?

Well two of our band mates, John and Tim are brothers, and the other three, that is me, are like brothers. We are like family, we meet, we fight but it’s like brotherly fights.  

How did the name Switchfoot come about?

Switchfoot is a surfing term, three of our guys grew up in the surfing community, in surfing area and so it was only natural to put surfing and music together.

You have also done movie soundtracks, how is it different from a studio recording?

The sounds we have done in soundtracks have been recorded and placed in the song. The only movie we were able to create a soundtrack and a studio album was for our own documentary ‘Fading West’. That was really awesome to do because you could look at a scene and create a musical bed to put your emotions and feelings into.

Why is your band known to play Christian music at times? Is it you’re up bringing that makes you want to record and play gospel?

Yea! We were all brought up in Christian homes so it is a big part and most of what we write is about the things we believe in. We don’t try to pigeon hole the type of music we do, anything we feel a lot of things that we say and play is for everyone listening. So people can get something out of the music that we play.

You’re bringing your music for the first time to India, what are your expectations?

I really didn’t expect such a good response from people coming out to the shows, with such excitement. What we want to bring to the audience is a really good rock and roll show. What people are probably going to expect is a sweaty rock and roll show.

Who are some of your favourite song writers?

It goes way back – the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, all the way to the Foo Fighters, The Black Keys. There are various forms, and its important cause it helps you grow as a musician.

Have you heard any Indian music?

Yes actually today itself we heard some Bollywood music, which we enjoyed, it was very electronic. I loved the keyboard player, all the electronic elements. I really liked it.

Who are your musical influences?

Well they are the same like- the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, as well as the current bands like U2, Radiohead and a few others.

What is your message to your fans in India?

I’m really excited to be here, it was our first time and you guys didn’t let us down. We’re really excited to be playing for you guys.

Interviewed by Verus Ferreira

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