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11th February, 2019
Discover music artists through Skillbox app.

Gurugram  based art social network and discovery start up, Skillbox, recently announced  the launch of its Android  app for deeper artist discovery.  After the successful launch of its web based platform - www.skillboxes.com ,with over  5k users, the app  promises  to make things easier for all  users.  

The Skillbox Android app offers a host of useful features for all category of users – artists, businesses and fans and is distinguished by a sleek User Interface [ UI] . Combining superior User Experience [UX] with state of the art technology, some of the prominent features of the app are:

Profile : A comprehensive and interesting profile layout with all the necessary details of an artist, business or fan for people to know more about them with an option to follow and get all the latest news directly on their personal feed. On the profile management end, one can edit information, add music/photos, manage playlists and people they follow  with the  tap of a button. 

FeedBox :  A personalized and seamless feed of the latest posts and news based on one's preferences and profiles they follow. It is easily manageable  and is powered with  state-of-the-art technology to give optimum user experience. 

Discover : The Discover feature  offers  a powerful search functionality  for better performance and faster access.  With Discover one can dig deep and narrow one’s search criteria for artists and businesses by a particular type of artist, genre or select an artist hand- picked by SkillBox staff who are featured on weekly/monthly/yearly lists.

StreamBox:  StreamBox is an exclusive video/audio streaming service provided  to artists and is free to use and  complements the Discover feature. Artists are encouraged to upload their music/art to reach out to fans and gain a fan base

Playlist : The playlist feature lets users to create a list of favorites  akin to a media player  and helps in showcasing one’s  music taste to the audience at large.  Users  can also make the playlists public which appear on the profile section for others to enjoy.

Book Artist : One key feature for businesses is the Book Artist option which allows them to book an artist directly from the app after viewing their profile  and work repository. All processes are streamlined and an e-contract is readily available upon booking which makes the process smooth with zero friction for businesses and artists alike. 

TalkBox: A one of its kind forum which allows users to pose questions and also answer questions   thereby  creating a  rich discussion  platform







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