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15th July, 2017
Acharya Jialal Vasant Sangeet Niketan (AJIVASAN) presents Mystique Beats.

Mystique Beats, produced by Ajivasan is the brain child of Padmabhushan Ustad Zakir Hussain, and it is the third event in Ajivasan's celebration series. A confluence of musical inspirations, an alloy of beats, a fusion of Gharanas, this event will witness, marvelous and memorable melodies produced on the stage, on the spot.

Mystique Event is a true celebration for Indian Music Lovers as it's a rare opportunity to see all of their favorite masters performing together.

The event presented by Acharya Jialal Vasant Sangeet Niketan (Ajivasan) is a must attend by an institute which was established in the year 1932, in Srinagar by Acharya Jialal Vasant under the patronage of Smt. Rameshwari Nehru. With about twenty-five students under his tutelage, Guruji started out on the musical journey of Sangeet Sandhana.

Labeled as an instrumental fusion of 9 pristine jewels the concert will feature artists such as Zakir Hussain (Tabla), Taufiq Quereshi (percussion), Niladri Kumar (Zitar) along with seven artists comprising of Indian classical drummers of South and North traditions namely Vijay Chavan(Dholki), Anantha R Krishnan (Mridangam), Navin Sharma ( Punjabi Gharana Table Player), Sabir Khan (Sarangi), Darshan Doshi (Drums) and M.R Vasudevan (Tavil).

This is for the first time a performance with drums from many different rhythm traditions will be showcased. The profits of the show will be donated to the NGO, Acharya Jialal Vasant Sangeet Niketan (AJIVASAN) to empower and teach music to the underprivileged kids.


The Institute had repute for providing scientific training in Hindustani Classical Music, and the students had the opportunity to perform with the master himself on several occasions.

After his demise, his disciple Sh. Suresh Wadkar and his daughter Smt. Prem Vasant, decided to fulfill Guruji’s dream of establishing a Gurukul, a place where the music aspirants get the benefit of residing and learning music. Ajivasan continues to provide Gurukul facility to students who wish to devote themselves to Hindustani Classical Music, which is a key aspect of our Indian Culture.

Today, the institute trains about 900 students in Hindustani Vocals, Instrumental as well as in popular classical dance forms like Kathak and Bharatnatyam.

Ever since Ajivasan was formed, we always believed in taking up social responsibilities towards the under privileged students and kids with special needs. At the moment, Ajivasan gives free education to approximately100 such students and we wish to reach out to more suchdeserving students to give them a better future. Ajivasan is also supporting NGO’s like Salaam Bombay to provide free education to under privileged kids.

Ajivasan established Uttam Vagyakar Awardin the year 2000.This award recognizes the stalwarts of Indian Music. In the last 17 years, this award has been received by the likes of Smt. Lata Mangeshkar, Smt. KishorieTai Amonkar, Sh. Zakir Hussain, Pandit Birju Maharaj, Pandit Hari Prasad Chuarasia and many more such eminent personalities.

Ajivasan also gives scholarships to bright and genuine music aspirants to help them financially so that they stay motivated to learn the Indian Classical Music. We have recently introduced two annual awards to keep students and also the music teachers motivated:

1)        Master Madan Award: For Recognising Genuine Budding Music Talent

2)        Swami Haridas Award: For Recognising Unsung Music Gurus

The institute also houses a recording hub by the name Ajivasan Sounds. Each of the three studios has state-of-the-art equipment for training students in professional singing and for recording music tracks, film songs, TV and Radio ads, promos, jingles and film background score.

Over the last many years, Ajivasan has been creating many events and workshops by inviting the stalwarts of Hindustani Music to perform and help in spreading the Hindustani Music and Culture. We also help music students to interact and learn from the maestros themselves. Legends who performed at Ajivasan in the recent past are Smt. Hema Mailini, Smt. Girija Devi, Ustad Zakir Hussain, Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma, Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia and Ustad Rashid Khan.

Recently, Ajivasan has started Online Education (Live and Interactive Music Classes). The vision behind this initiative it to reach out and educate students living abroad but are very keen in staying connected to the Indian Culture by learning Hindustani Classical Music. We have created a Media Room, which is completely equipped with music instruments, recording facility and online connectivity. We wish to expand this infrastructure to be able to cater to many more students living abroad.

Ajivasan has always believed and demonstrated the true essence of Guru-Shishya Parampara where a Guru passes on his knowledge of Music to his disciples hoping that they learn to live the art. Sh. Suresh Wadkar ji carried forward the legacy of his Guru Acharya Jialal Vasant and has since then been spreading the message of Hindustani Classical Music to thousands of students.

It has been Ajivasan’s continuous endeavor to keep educate and spread Hindustani Music, Culture & Arts across society. And this year Ajivasan wishes to reach out to the government schoolsin Mumbai and train their teachers and certify them to further spread right knowledge to their students using the right teaching techniques developed by Ajivasan over the years.

Date: 16th July 2017, 6 pm

Venue: Shanmukhanada Hall, Sion, Mumbai

Tickets: Bookmyshow.com

Price: Rs. 250 – Rs 1000

By Ashwini Narayangaonkar-Kamath

Ashwini Narayangaonkar-Kamath is the eleventh generation of her family to be dedicated to the ancient art form of Indian classical music. As a singer she has performed in India and abroad, has music albums to her credit and successfully runs her classical music academy - Deepak Music Academy all over Mumbai.

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