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11th September, 2017
Singer Kailash Kher recorded live traditional Holi music "Aye Holi Khelan"

Hindi, classical music has immense capacity of limitless possibilities and exploration, thus collaborated the traditional mythological  music, Raag Pilu composed in a melodious harmony and presented them in the most unique and innovative manner. Kailash Kher and Tripti Shakya recorded Aye Holi Khelan live with the blessings of  Vaishnavarcharya Pujyapad Goswami, Shri Drumil Kumar ji and presence and  blessings of  Vaishnavarcharya Pujyapad Goswami,Shri Neeraj Kumar ji.

The song is traditional holy music dedicated to Lord Krishna in the form of Shreenathji for the film  "Shyam Sunder Shreenath Ji- The God Krishna". A couple of months back, the makers of the film "Shyam Sunder Shreenath Ji- The God Krishna" hosted a recording cum mini concert of one of the songs Maharas for the film ‘Shyam Sunder Shreenath Ji- The God Krishna" . While Dilip Sen's zeal and passion towards the music continue to cause fervor in nation, he spearheaded the recording of the song. Over seventy musicians performed live in studio building a never experienced euphoria.

Composed by DJ Sheizwood and penned by Sameer Anjaan, Aye Holi Khelan is an attempt to create new dimensions and present the tradition approach to Hind "Aye Holi Khelan is all about layering and exploring the rich music and fine nuances in one of the most beautiful heritage classical musical form- Raag Pilu- while keeping the pure heart of classical music, beating in rhythmic emotions" says DJ Sheizwood. 

"Kailash has this rare touch of marrying tradition with innovation in his songs. His voice have continued to charm people across the world and created immense fan base for him. We are extremely pleased to collaborate with him for our ambitious project Shyam Sunder Shreenath Ji- The God Krishna . We believe his listeners will have as much pleasure listening to this as much we had in creating this” says Rajeev Srivastava. 

"This song is a piece of art which celebrates Shreenath Ji. Traditional holy music seems to be losing its presence in Indian music scenes. Through this song we want to remind people about the beauty of traditional holy music" says producers Janak Sanghavi and Dhruv Sanghavi

‘Shyam Sunder Shreenath Ji- The God Krishna' , is not just a film but a spread of miraculous stature of Shreeji’s Leela which would splash you in the basking experience of Bhakti .


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