16th January, 2019
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All That You Can't Leave Behind –U2 - (Universal Music) – Rs. 395/-

After a lull of over three years after 1997’s ‘Pop’, rock superstars U2, has once again popped up to give their fans something to sing and dance about. Not many know that the band had done a part of the sound track for 'Million Dollar Hotel'in 2000, that was well received but not released locally

Moments into the album and you know its U2, with their first single, that got heavy rotation on all music channels, Beautiful Day that has the Edge's signature guitar riffs ripping through your speakers, backed by the rest of the band that consists of Adam Clayton Larry Mullen and the great vocalist, Bono. For the first time the band has concentrated or rather commented on world affairs doing so with great use of music to convey the message. Tracks like Peace on Earthhave lyrics like Jesus/ Peace on Earth/ Tell the ones who here no sound…that are beautifully composed with the same going also for When I look at the world. Though the album is on the usual rock edge, a lot of time has been spent to dedicate and remember the Burma Campaign and Greenpeace International that also shows the good side of the bands' charitable work despite being one of rocks greatest acts today.

It's a simple pleasant album, though their loud moments are fairly present. Other listens worth a rewind would he the acoustic, Wild Honeyand the soft edged Grace, that linger long after the tape come to an end. Lyrics included.

Rating: ****

Reviewed By Verus Ferreira

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