16th January, 2019
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If I Could Tell You - Yanni – (Virgin Music) - Rs. 395/-

Think Yanni came out with a new album? Think again. This is an album he released in the year 2000, which unfortunately went unnoticed by many people.

Yanni has outdone himself this time and introduced the theme of the five elements in this album. There are 11 tracks in all with the first one On Sacred Ground sounding so much like a Deep Forest composition. The Flame within is so reminiscent of his debut album 'Live at the Acropolis'. Midnight Rhythm is haunting, while November Sky and A walk in the Rain are soulful and soothing. But they’re probably the very best of Yanni on this album. The song With an Orchid has an oriental strain to it and In your eyes throbs with Spanish beats. There’s no piece based on the element of wind and maybe that’s why the title track If I could tell you is all hot air – much ado about nothing. The album ends with a colorful composition Reason for Rainbows.

If you wanna know more about this album, check it out for yourself. Very Bohemian. Very Yanni, Very happening. That’s why I decided to review this album even after such a long time. So instrumental freaks get this album by the Greek composer and chances are you will love to hear it again and again. This one is a must for your collection.

Rating: ****

Reviewed By Verus Ferreira

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