21st March, 2019
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Janet – Janet Jackson - (Virgin Records)

Dreaming about true love, well then pay attention. She is charming and has one of the best voices in the music industry. Her range could be high or could be heard in a whisper. She's made it big not because her brother is Michael Jackson. Janet is an individual who instructs her own dancers, and has her won singing sessions.

It is no wonder then that at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards the night featured performances from Janet Jackson, who accepted the 2018 Billboard Music Awards ICON Award and performed for the first time on television in nine years. This is one album that truly showcases the diva in all her splendor.

Expect a  bit of hip-hop soul, and jazzy funk make the record go up and down. The 14 grooves on this album are passable and go round synthesized beats straight to soul – hop. You could recount hits like, That's the way love goes, to the more noisy you What this and What'll I do. A closer listen to the music reveals the music lines sharper with Janet's voice crisp as toast felt in pieces like, If and Throb.

On the more slower side Side, (B) her lyrics are grim that work to her benefit. Songs like, Because of love, Again and Anytime, Anyplace fit the bill for their dance bears. This record's worth a spin or two anytime. For a party it's great stuff. But if you're a serious music connoisseur, could drive you a little bit crazy, as it ahs a few voice interludes between the tracks.

So not only for the gems mentioned her the album it is an album worth the price. Whoops Now did you hear this one too?

Rating ****

Reviewed by Verus Ferreira

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