22nd March, 2019
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SuperHeavy – SuperHeavy - (Universal Music) – Rs. 395/-

Despite coming from disparate musical backgrounds, the experiment of forming a band with musicians from various genres seems to have worked for SuperHeavy. Mick Jagger along with Eurythmics founder Dave Stewart the main contenders, conceptualized an album away from their usual sound, bringing musicians together to record an album. Our very own musical maestro A. R. Rehman, soul singer Joss Stone and reggae star and Bob Marley’s son Damian ‘Jr. Gong Marley, form SuperHeavy that comes packaged with eclectic collaborations never seen in recent times.

If you’re a Rolling Stones fan, there is something you can relate to, for most of the lead vocals are taken care of by Jagger who seems to stretch his vocals to the highest level as he tries to attempt to fit in the different styles on the album. For starters listen to Jagger singing in Sanskrit on a song composed by Rahman, ‘Satyameva Jayate’ which means "the truth alone triumphs" the national motto of India that represents what the people of India believe for their country. The violins build up the crescendo, Rehman jamming with some amazing fingerwork on the keyboard into the second half of the amazing piece is commendable. Go also for the album opener ‘SuperHeavy’ with its neat Jamaican groove. It’s from this song onwards that you notice Damian Marley who makes his presence felt on most of the tracks. The tone of his voice on the slow and steady ‘Rock Me Gently’ is mystifying. Stones vocals alongwith Shiah Coore are soothing.

‘Miracle Worker’ brings out Stone taking the lead and Jagger taking the background vocals for sometime. But the combination of ‘oohs’ from Jagger and Stone sound great and the pitch they reach is amazing. Don’t miss the funky Jamaican reggae beats playing around that make you go for the cue button again. Extremely enjoyable is ‘Beautiful people’ not only for its good rhythm, but the lyrics that give out a clean message. The bonus track ‘Mahiya’ at the end is a cooler and Bollywood styled piece, imitable to the style of Rehman’s master touch.

But besides all the dancing and prancing, there are just a few dud tracks that you can exclude the next time you make your play list. Keep out ‘Never gonna change’, ‘World keeps turning’ and the Jagger headed rocker ’I can’t take it no more’. Though the artists featured here share about eleven Grammy Awards between them, are rated as top music artists the world over, the album comes as an enjoyable set, a new super group that has super heavy artists out for a bit of fun at the same time making serious music, filled with a lot of rhythm and musicality.

The overall feel running through this album is reggae no doubt, but nevertheless each artist brings his or her own style into the album making this a neat jam of musical ideas.

Rating: ****

Reviewed By Verus Ferreira

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