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02nd August, 2018
Learn Guitar for Free

Strive through learning an instrument and then cherish it for life. This is the story with all the music enthusiasts, cheering to toast a talent into their social circle. Knowing to play an instrument would always act as an additional stand-out point in your groups.

Not everyone seems familiar with music and its benefits, what they see are the focussed dedication and hard work that evidently scares them to the core at the first sight. The only thing that it would require for you to learn an instrument would be commitment. You commit yourself with the instrument, a petty time out of your 168 weekly hours and you would notice the difference. Holding a back-foot just at the face of what seems to be tough could be a fallacy breaking your will-power. Trick it to believe its possibilities and commit until the music flows from your dancing fingers.

String instruments are usually breath-taking to learn, lots of efforts and relentless determination to romance with the instrument will keep you sustaining. Guitar is one of those instruments most desired to be learnt and boasted about. Over the years it’s taken the caricature of the word romanticism. Learning a Guitar is a complete different experience. Want to learn a guitar? Done with the enquiry for classes? Does it dig an unexpected hole into your wallet? Your worries end here.

Buying your first guitar

Start off with buying a guitar which is the most cheerful investments you’d have ever made. I bet to not guide you to pay anymore other than what you pay here. It’s one of those investments which you would never regret in future. Getting the instrument offline, from a store is better as one can understand, compare and choose the sound quality. It’s well-advised to board-on a guitar player for the choice. Remember, to an inexperienced person, all guitars sound the same. The comfort, size and nature of the guitar are also an important choice to make. It’s better off to go for a semi-acoustic or an acoustic guitar, for a good beginner’s experience. Go for the quality of the guitar instead cashing on the complementary accessories which hold lesser utility.

To begin playing it’s very important for you to choose a guide. Moving away from the traditional music coaches who sell their teaching at greater costs, I would advise you to make the most out of the Internet. With the web expanding its reach day by day, the competition and affordability have both favoured the audience. There are multiple alternatives available on the Google Play Store and of course on YouTube which is as an option has always been a pedestal for e-tutorials. 

PitchLab Pro

An ideal app assisting your journey in playing the guitar would be PitchLab Pro which is a guitar tuner. It’s absolutely free and diverse, holding an ability to tune in multiple different ways. Setting the tune to the instrument is very important so as to make your ear used to hearing the right notes. Again it’s advisable to first observe a guitarist tuning and understand the tips and tricks as to avoid the risk of the string twisting to tighten and break the shackles of the knob and smash in any direction causing injury.


Yousician is yet another smart phone application to train you in levels of different music related concepts. From the basics of plucking the strings to making you a professional and a smart player, the app is designed for the convenience of the users. The app will give you the scope to be a fast learner by just paying a minimal sum annually; otherwise you can take the free daily lessons in the stipulated time limit. Though the free tutorial time is limited you can keep practicing what the app has taught you so far. The app also helps you determine your proficiency with the instrument. It also reminds you for your daily free lessons in case you forget.


If you are used to learning from human teachers and apps do seldom difference to you, feel free to opt for YouTube. Type the key words of your search like, ‘Guitar Tutorials’, Guitar Basics for beginners’, ‘Guitar chords and tabs’. Hope these tags fetch you the best available responses. The web is generous enough to publish a detailed set of multiple responses, its upon your choice of where your understanding lies, where the ranking guides you and how well is the channel perceived, liked by the others in the online community.

These options do work, is all I can say from my attempt and experience on these sources. What I also observed is that most people take this for granted for its free availability and flexible timings, thereby failing to sustain their commitment. Commitment should not only be where you pay to ensure the best value of your payment, it should even be ensured otherwise. If not by self-control then by enforcing a timetable.

It does happen that at the initial stages you feel you’re learning nothing, its fine to feel so. Just keep sustaining to your commitment to learning the instrument and keep adding instruments as such to your list.

By Nikunj Panchal

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