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17th January, 2017
To sing or not to sing

The Supreme Court has stated that the National Anthem must be played before the screening of any movie in public theatres. This has caused quite a discordant note among the citizens. Some are for it and some against it.

Various professionals express their opinion about singing the national anthem at movie theatres to Monarose Sheila Pereira

Singer Anup Jalota Sure it's good thought; but why only before movies? Why not before my concerts too; or first thing in the morning every TV Channel too should air it.

Actor Kabir Bedi Cinemas are a great place to enjoy our National Anthem in Dolby sound; our flag fluttering vibrantly, in Panavision. Great decision! Its long been happening at most Mumbai multiplexes. I heard some great renditions at PVR Cinemas by classical musical icons.

Lawyer Shane Cardoz Yes the National Anthem should be made compulsory as a matter of pride; we all rise up together and feel the unity within us. I feel touched when the National Anthem is being sang/played. It revives my memory in school where we used to sing the National Anthem every day. It's such a strong feeling and should be preserved by making it compulsory. The feeling of being Indian through the National Anthem is truly divine.

Actor Kiran Our anthem is our pride, our heritage. When we stand and honor our flag and anthem our hearts swell with joy. It binds and unites us all in unison. I am happy that it's compulsory to honor it.

Belly Dancer Ritambhara Sahni When a room full of people come together and sings soulfully as one, it is always beautiful, whether it's in a place of worship or a parade. But should singing an anthem be made compulsory just to prove to my neighbor I'm patriotic? No, it certainly shouldn't be. We are a billion people with a billion different views towards patriotism. If we choose to get employed and pay our taxes, we are patriotic. If we choose to eat, sing or dance to the Western cuisine or arts and yet not forget our Indian heritage, we are patriotic. We don't have to sing an anthem or exclaim slogans every walk of the way to enunciate our deep rooted love for the country and its heritage. Because a lot of the love also comes from the fact that India chose to be a democratic, encouraging its people to have a freedom of opinion, which I strongly believe in.

Tabla player Anuradha Pal Yes of course it should be played to instill nationalism and patriotism that is badly needed to be inculcated in the youth who live in India.

RJ Archana It is a great way to build a relationship towards your nation. A fabulous opportunity for parents to showcase their love for the nation to their children when they take them for films. It is a great way to build the love for our nation; which helps build a strong sentiment for us Indians for our country.

So what do you think dear reader?

By Monarose Sheila Pereira



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