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13th February, 2018
Major Lazer, Mashmello and Sean Paul make Vh1 Supersonic 2018 a festival to remember

It is that time of the year yet again when lovers of music from all around the country make a beeline for Pune city to immerse themselves into an experience like never before. Kicking off the fifth edition of India’s biggest multi-genre international music festival - Vh1 Supersonic 2018, the festival opened its gates on Day One to thousands of music enthusiasts who lined up eagerly to listen some of the biggest artists from around the world. Home to a diverse international music experience, the festival lined up some of the biggest musical talent from across the globe, ranging from House, Techno, Trans, Drum & Bass, amongst others.

Festival goers were in for an awe-inspiring experience as they stepped onto the festival grounds. With colourful and glittering artwork welcoming them at the entrance, music lovers were in for a wondrous delight as they witnessed the transformation of the beloved Sonic Realm stage which looked nothing less than a sight straight out of dystopian fairy tales. The stage, which has been the heart of the festival has gone through a major makeover and the fans absolutely love it! This year, Sonic Realm looks like Alice’s Wonderland in all its grandeur with different elements adorning the stage like a clock, a ladybug, a snail and a steaming kettle, amongst others. Along with the main stage that has been notorious for hosting the biggest names in the industry, Vh1 Supersonic 2018 boasts of four other stages. The grand Sonic Realm continues to be the main stage, while Live Arena is the stage for live band performances, Spectrum by Awakenings, is out and out LED stage for techno performances, Laboratoire Supersonique, is the experimental music stage while the Reggae Stage is the chill-out area.

Moreover, music lovers were in for a toxic treat with bass music kingpin, Nucleya taking on the stage. Punekars turned out in huge numbers and went wild as Nucleya set the stage on fire. Nucleya who is known for bass heavy and wild live performances, upped the game this time around as he left the ever- lively crowd wanting for more. While the English Indie- band, Alt-J helped fans tick must-see artists from their bucket list with their smashing performance, American DJ, Dillon Francis’s multi- faceted performance blew the crowd away. From renowned international artists to local gems, the first day of Vh1 Supersonic had it all.

The day also saw Gurbax opening the Sonic Realm while Clayton Hogermeer and Easy Wanderlings set the Live Arena on fire. In the meanwhile, eclectic artists including the likes of Bullzeye, Spryk and Oceantied kept energy levels high at Spectrum by Awakenings and LaboratoireSupersonique. Music enthusiasts were treated to a mix bag of Indian and International artists across genres through the day.

The first day of India’s biggest music festival concluded on a high note as Pune shook its leg to the wacky trio and top- notch headliner, Major Lazer’s popular numbers. Brimming with quirky festival vibe, the first day of Vh1 Supersonic 2018 was a massive hit with Major Lazer getting the crowd excited as they stepped on stage.

While day one at Vh1 Supersonic 2018 was nothing less than brilliant, day two turned out to be a haven for music lovers as they turned out in huge numbers. Curing the festival hangover from day one, Punekars had reasons enough to make it to the second day and enjoy the easy Saturday afternoon breeze with a chilled beer at Laxmi Lawns Beer Garden. Bingeing on their favorite snacks, the crowd cheered One and One as they took on the Sonic Realm Stage followed by B.R.E.E.D. While Madboy Mink made their fans go wild in the Live Arena; Calm Chor, DJ Moncity and Johnny B gave music lovers enough reasons to shake their leg. The start to Day two was more like a therapeutic session as the crowd immersed themselves in a perfect mix of all things exciting and entertaining.

Fans were in for a treat as Marshmello made his way to the stage donning a teal and pink Mello helmet headlining the EDM side of things on day two of Vh1 Supersonic 2018. Sporting his distinctive sugar- based confection- looking helmet, Marshmello had the crowd leaping in the air throughout his performance.

What started as a relaxed Saturday with performances by Lost Stories, SKIP and Madboy Mink in the afternoon was soon followed by a crazy evening with eclectic performances by some of the biggest artists. Brimming with ambient vibes, Pune folks danced the evening away to International heavyweights, Joseph Capriati and Grzly Adams’ beats. Brightening up Pune’s live music scene, day two of Vh1 Supersonic kept those feet tapping and body grooving.

Day two also gave us major feels when a music junkie made a marriage proposal to his music-loving partner at Vh1 Supersonic 2018. Take note gentlemen.

You also had an amazing set with DJ Uri on the turntable with Ryan Sadri on the sax, a sight to watch how both gelled together.

Vh1 Supersonic not only showcased the best of artists performing on-stage but the best to eat and shop at the festival. Vh1 Supersonic 2018 boasts of a food line- up as good as the musical ones- going beyond the regular burgers and fries. Punekars gave their diet a break and indulged in some delicacies from up North along with a range of colorful cocktails and popsicles and loaded cheesy burgers to give them the much needed foodgasm.

Giving Pune folks a wholesome experience with mood-uplifting shopping options at the flea market, zesty and scrumptious delicacies and an amazing line-up of artists, one simply cannot have enough of it at Vh1 Supersonic 2018! Besides this, festivalgoers rested it out and forgot worldly troubles at the beer garden along with their friends. Not to forget the important aspect of women’s safety, the women’s only bar helped weary women quench their thirst with their girl gangs. 

Another day of awesome music from a variety of genres kept festival goers motivated despite the exhaustion. Even after two days of non-stop partying, committed fans turned up fresh and excited to witness the third day of Vh1 Supersonic 2018. Veterans of the festival circuit cheered for their favorite artists, Jamaican hip-hop icon Sean Paul and American Rock Band Incubus who delivered show-stopping performances. The infectious music and vibe turned the crowd into a wild and sweaty mass as they swayed to pumped beats. With fierce sets full of energy, Incubus and Sean Paul played to a huge crowd and completely killed it. Meanwhile, Arjun Vagale and Dax J kept the mojo up in Spectrum by Awakenings, music took a bigger turn with Gabriel & Dresden, Jason Ross and Mosko taking on the stage. The final day got the crowd wild and crazy through the sets.  

The third day also welcomed a multitude of artists across genres who stole the show. While dance music dominated the scene on day three and wowed lovers of music with Candice Redding and Zaeden burning it up, India’s most popular indie post-rock band, Aswekeepsearching ran at full throttle and Oliver Smith shook things up with trance music. Transitioning from EDM to rock and a range of genres, day three was a powerhouse as artists tampered with the audience’s heartbeat.

This has definitely been one of the most exciting and satisfying editions of Vh1 Supersonic. The response to the festival this year exceeded the expectations with the crowd size more than doubling from last year. Right from the phenomenal response to the line-up, music and ambience, everything worked brilliantly. With the fifth edition concluding on such a successful note, the organisers are all geared up for the next season as we know it’s going to be bigger, better and crazier.

Reviving Pune’s party scene, Vh1 Supersonic was all about mind- boggling music that spanned across different genres. The genre- specific festival setting sure did make Vh1 Supersonic a favorite amongst music folks. Ranging from the newly added genres like rock and hip- hop to good old trance and EDM, the festival had something for everybody. With uber cool artists and well-curated music, it was surely a hotbed for tourists and local crowd alike with the massive line up.

Vh1 have created the most complete and diverse music festival ever in India. They brought music giants  from various genres from all over the globe and gave Pune folks a taste of the global festival scene.





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