22nd March, 2019
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Timepieces - The Best of Eric Clapton (Music India Ltd)

This LP is incredible for it features many of the Guitar Gods well-known songs and takes me back to a fantastic time period when I just got to know his music. This is a really good compilation of Eric Clapton's most famous tracks. The sound quality is adequate while not outstanding and mind you if you saw the title, it’s an Indian pressing way back in the mid 80s, 1982 to be precise, when we used to still get vinyl’s at music shops in Mumbai.

The album that consists of 11 tracks is a good introduction to his work and as the title says, its ‘Timepieces’ songs that literally go back in time and are still considered the best of Clapton. If you need that or want to introduce someone else to some of his masterpieces.

The song include the iconic I Shot The Sheriff, After Midnight, Knockin' On Heaven's Door,
Wonderful Tonight, Layla,  and the most popular Cocaine.
Side 2 consists of Lay Down Sally, Willie And The Hand, Promises, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Let It Grow. A large number of songs on the release were either from his earlier albums namely ‘461 Ocean Boulevard’ and ‘Slowhand’.

It's fun, and it makes me smile every time I listen to this album for its nostalgia and memories I associate it with. I would strongly recommend "The Best of Eric Clapton" to all of his fans, as well as to those who might not have heard him and want to experience unique entertainment.
In 1983 the record label RSO released a second volume, ‘Timepieces Vol II Live in the Seventies’.

Rating: ****

Record Label: Polydor / RSO

Reviewed by Verus Ferreira

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